Bymuseet i Bergen
Bymuseet i Bergen

Bymuseet i Bergen

“At your service!”- A Theatre walk with the maids of Bergen

The maids are ready to take you on a journey through the city´s history seen through the eyes of servants from the 1880s, as they get to follow the maids in their many errands and duties.

The walk starts outside the tourist information office at the Fish Market and passes through streets, squares and alleys on the way up to Skansen with its marvelous view of the city and the sea, right above the lower station of the funicular Fløibanen.

Theatre walk: “The history of Bergen? What fun!

All you need to know about Bergen in just 60 minutes! We are at your service, and the walk starts and ends at the dock, by your ship! A full 950 years of history will rise from the dark in ways you have never experienced before! Through the alleys and streets of Bergen, different scenes and situations occur to make history come alive before your very eyes!

Join us for 60 minutes of fun storytelling and experience the strange, dramatic events that have formed the city. Pick-up location of your choice in the city centre of Bergen.

Meet servants from the past at Old Bergen Museum

At Old Bergen Open-air Museum, you can experience the atmosphere of the forgotten days, with houses from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The actors at the museum help to bring the site to life. In beautiful natural surroundings, you can meet both masters and servants from the past. You can peek in windows, open doors and walk into exhibitions and historical interiors, or watch the performances at the town square.

Experience Medieval Bergen in Haakon’s Hall and Bryggens Museum

Our experts are looking forward to introducing your guests to the lives of the people in Bergen in the Middle Ages, from royalty in the Haakon’s Hall to the story of the lives of common people in Bryggens Museum – how they lived, what clothes and shoes they wore, messages of love and poetry they wrote to each other in runic, and how city fires repeatedly disrupted their lives.

For your most adventurous guests, we recommend adding the quirky Rosenkrantz Tower, where they can climb narrow steps up seven floors to the roof and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

The Leprosy Museum St. Jørgens Hospital – Science and human dignity

The intense stories at the Leprosy Museum St. Jørgens Hospital continue to touch our guests. Our experts on the history of leprosy in Norway will tell the touching story of the people living at this hospital in Bergen and the story of the ground-breaking work of Dr. Hansen who identified the leprosy bacillus, as well as drawing lines to disease and social stigma today.