Bymuseet i Bergen

Welcome to our museums, private guided tours with our experts on Bergen’s 950 years of history, guided walks and special events for groups.

Theatre walks

Bymuseet i Bergen invites you to an exciting, fun and informal introductions to the history of Bergen for adults, children, local patriots and visiting guests. A new and exciting way of discovering Bergen where local actors give an insight into the history of Bergen. 

950 years of history will rise from the dark in the streets and squares in ways you have never experienced before! A combination of a traditional guided city walks, and theatre performances will bring historical events back to life in an entertaining and educational way.

Historical city walks

The historians of the Bymuseet show you the traces of the Bergen history where it all happened: out in the streets of the city. During the historical walk you will see traces from the medieval city still visible today and be told the story of what the city used to be like. The stories are revived with the help of the research made by the Bymuseet historians, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you!

Meet servants from the past at Old Bergen Museum

At Old Bergen Open-air Museum, you can experience the atmosphere of the forgotten days, with houses from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The actors at the museum brings history come to life. In beautiful natural surroundings, you can meet both masters and servants from the past. You can peek in windows, open doors and walk into exhibitions and historical interiors, or watch the performances at the town square. Museum shop and café.

Experience the Medieval royal residence and banquet hall Haakon’s Hall

Our experts are looking forward to introducing your guests to the lives of the people in Bergen in the Middle Ages, from royalty in the Haakon’s Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower to the story of the lives of common people in Bryggens Museum.

Experience the Medieval Rosenkrantz Tower

For your most adventurous guests, we recommend adding the quirky Rosenkrantz Tower, you can climb narrow steps up seven floors to the roof and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. The most important Renaissance monument in Norway.

Experience the Medieval life of Bergen at Bryggens Museum

Archaeological Museum, built over the remains of Bergen’s oldest settlement at Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Experience the exhibition “Under ground” presenting how the medieval citizens of Bergen lived, what clothes and shoes they wore, messages of love and poetry they wrote to each other in runic, and how city fires repeatedly disrupted their lives. High quality museum shop, a small café and free wi-fi.

The Leprosy Museum St. Jørgens Hospital – Science and human dignity

The intense stories at the Leprosy Museum St. Jørgens Hospital continue to touch our guests. Our experts on the history of leprosy in Norway will tell the touching story of the people living at this hospital in Bergen and the story of the ground-breaking work of Dr. Hansen who identified the leprosy bacillus, as well as drawing lines to disease and social stigma today. 

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