This report is built on a document written by Menon Economics on behalf of Cruise Norway. CLIA and European Cruise Service. Menon Economics is responsible for factual and knowledge base, and the clients holds the editorial responsibility.

This report was originally made as an input to “Reisemålsutvalget” and submitted to the Committee in October 2022. The report is the first presentation of the value Chain in Norwegian cruise tourism, and describes how this tourism interrelates on the total tourism in Norway. Furthermore, the report includes recommendations on how this industry can develop according to sustainability.

This edition of the text was updated and approved by CLIA in February 2023. Tables and figures are updated numbers from 2022.

Here is the Norwegian version of the cruise catalogue:


Here is a summary that clarifies the background of Cruise Norway. This is the Green Shipping Program, and the road map for cruise.