Farsund & Lyngdal

A true jewel on the southern coast

Lista Lighthouse once the biggest in the world Photo: Flyt Norge, Arild Nielsen

Why Farsund & Lyngdal?

Steeped in maritime history, the town of Farsund is a treasure trove of preserved wooden houses and sailing vessels. To the east, the Swiss and Art nouveau homes hug the hillside where steps are streets of quirky charm. The seaport is nestled in between the North Sea and the outer harbours of Eikvåg and Loshavn at the mound of the Lyngdalsfjord. Historical privateering battles took place here during the Napoleonic War, and there are still signs of that historic era in Farsund. The municipality spans a whole range of smaller ports and includes the powdered sand beaches of Lista. The landscape varies from rocky coasts to windswept shores. It is a photographer’s dream come true and is often called the “Coast of Light” in Norway.

What to see & do in Farsund & Lyngdal

The wetlands of Lista and Farsund are protected by the international RAMSAR Convention, due to their importance for bird life. In fact, Farsund has the highest number of observed bird species in all of Norway. The entire area has burial sites that precede the Viking Age. There are rock carvings of animals and sea vessels, and the Penne Field is a few feet from the main road. The cultural heritage is of great importance to this community, and the preservation of a particular type of clinker-built boat construction can be studied at the museum or on the water at a local seaport. Pay a visit to one of the many lighthouses of the Farsund region and beyond. Emigration to America played an important role in people’s lives here. However, several emigrants returned and created a small village dedicated to their memories of America. This is the only place in Norway where you can drive down Brooklyn Avenue!

Who is this destination suitable for?

Farsund and the wider region offer activities for all ages and special interests. The thrill-seeking visitor may find an indoor go-kart amusing while rock climbing and windsurfing are also widely popular. RIB safaris take you for a high-speed view of the archipelago, while a trip on a real sailboat is an option for a more relaxed view of the seascape. Museums are family friendly and wheelchair accessible and feature exhibitions that will satisfy the curious minded. Guided kayaking trips are offered, while rail biking on the old railway line is a family favourite. Guided shore excursions are available to an array of destinations. Did you know that there is a spa nearby? A bus tour may be combined with a bike ride on the Vita Velo trail or simply enjoyed from the comfort of your seat.