Hurtigruten Svalbard

Hurtigruten Svalbard is the largest and most experienced tour operator and agent in Longyearbyen, with the widest selection of activities available no matter the season. We are committed to creating, adapting and maintaining the highest possible standards of service and quality in one of the harshest and most demanding environments in the world. Hurtigruten Svalbard provides shore excursions and transfer services for ships of all sizes, from the smallest expedition ships to overseas cruise liners. Our employees choose to live here, on a glacier-covered island near the North Pole, because they appreciate the unique environment of this area and the close-knit community. Working in Longyearbyen is not a job but a lifestyle, and we love our “office”!

Our Staff

With our highly knowledgeable and well-trained guides, Hurtigruten Svalbard has been a vital force in the development of Longyearbyen as a ‘Mecca’ for adventure. Be it hiking or Champagne tasting, a fjord safari in high-powered Polarcirkel boats or a guided visit to the award-winning Svalbard Museum, Hurtigruten Svalbard can ensure that your guests have the opportunity to experience all this unique town has to offer. We know our staff and suppliers personally, meaning that we can quickly find solutions for any issues.

Our town

Located at 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is officially the world’s northernmost town and also one of its most fascinating.

Just 1300km from the North Pole, Longyearbyen has become a vibrant, modern and international tax-free settlement. Located on Spitsbergen, in the Svalbard Archipelago, the town is a gateway to the wonders of the high Arctic region. Summer in this area is a magical time, when the sun never sets and the cries of migratory birds fill the air. The Svalbard Archipelago is classified as an Arctic desert due to the low annual precipitation; however, the climate is relatively mild, thanks to the passage of the Gulf Stream along the west coast. Longyearbyen welcomes visitors to our slice of the Arctic, a safe haven in the otherwise harsh and wild landscape, where polar bears roam and the elements rule. Almost all of the colourful houses are built on poles to combat the permafrost, and the lion’s share of all produce is shipped or flown in. While tourists can safely walk around the town area, the polar bears on the archipelago outnumber the humans, meaning high calibre rifles and flare guns should be carried when entering the wilderness.