Romdalsfjord – adventure between scenic roads

The Atlantic Road-Jacek Rózycki -

The Atlantic Road-Jacek Rózycki - kopi
The Atlantic Road-Jacek Rózycki –

Why Molde?

Situated by the Romsdalsfjord, near the ocean, Molde is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and wonderful views. The most famous viewpoint is Varden, which allows you to enjoy the extraordinary vista of the Molde panorama’s 222 mountain peaks.

If you ask a Norwegian about Molde, they will probably tell you that it’s called the Town of Roses. The nickname was in use as early as 1913 and refers to the many lush rose gardens around the city. From July to September, the scent of roses fills the air.

Molde hosts the worlds oldest annual jazz festival. Every year, thousands of jazz enthusiasts turn every corner of the city into a week-long music celebration during the Molde International Jazz festival.

Winter at Romsdal Museum, photo: Tonje Sætre

What to see & do in Molde

Visit Molde, the town of jazz and roses, including Molde Cathedral, the Varden viewpoint and Romsdal Museum, one of Norway’s largest and most comprehensive folk museums.

Don’t miss out on a trip to the Atlantic Road, equally impressive both in sunny and stormy weather. The Atlantic Road zigzag cross bridges and islands to the point where land and ocean meets the fjord. Enjoy a short stroll on the walkway.

​​The Romsdal Museum (est. 1912) displays buildings and interiors from the whole region. A charming group of children can perform traditional folk dances, wearing their national costumes. Krona visitor center showcases a collection of ancient artifacts, temporary exhibitions, and a “bunad” workshop where you can see the traditional garments being made.

Explore the mystical marble caves at Bergtatt. The caves are a result of mining operations and have been active since 1938. A boat ride into the caves offers visitors a unique and peaceful experience.

Molde Cathedral, photo Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth

Who is this destination suitable for?

Molde welcomes cruise ships of all sizes. The 300 m long cruise quay is situated in the town centre, a few hundred metres from cafes, restaurants and shopping.