North Cape Hall

The Arctic adventure. As the ultimate journey for explorers and royalty in the past, North Cape is today a major destination. A powerful journey of light, contrasts and breathtaking scenery.

On top of a continent.

For centuries, North Cape has been the great adventure for travelers. As a majestic landmark, it has been calling for explorers, royalty and tourists to come north. The steep mountain cliff rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European continent.

Land of great contrasts

A journey to North Cape is a journey through contrasts. 24 hours of daylight, rocky coast and picturesque fishing villages. Summer and midnight sun, or polar night and northern lights. It doesn’t matter when you arrive. All seasons offer unique and fascinating experiences.

Arctic winter

Arctic winter with endless white plains, blue sky and raging sea. Frozen landscapes and blazing polar lights. Steep cliffs that plunge into the Arctic Ocean, snow-capped mountains and streaks of sun on the horizon while your convoy approaches the cliffs of North Cape.


You will find a modern visitor center on North Cape with an exclusive gift shop, historical displays, post office, museum, chapel and a restaurant. Enjoy local food from the Arctic kitchen, watch the spectacular panoramic film and reach the globe at the very edge of the mountain cliff. This is where continent ends and the endless begins.

The great journey

North Cape has always been the great journey, a world-known and popular destination. You will find a variety of activities, attractions and a breathtaking view of land and ocean. You are always welcome at the extreme north of Europe.

Welcome to North Cape