Spitsbergen – Svalbard

Slow cruise Isfjord & Longyearbyen in the High Arctic wilderness

Walrus. Photo: Ann J. Nordvålen

Longyearbyen, photo Marcela Cardenas

Why Spitsbergen?

One of the world’s largest areas of untouched wilderness awaits you in the High Arctic. Longyearbyen, the largest settlement in the Svalbard archipelago, has a population of around 2,400 from more than 50 different countries. These nature-loving people living in harsh climatic conditions are tight-knit, with the Arctic wilderness right on their doorstep. The wilderness begins in the town centre and it’s seemingly endless!

During summer, Svalbard comes alive with calving glaciers, bird cliffs teeming with life, unique wildlife and hardy flowers, all set against a backdrop of majestic mountain ranges and endless Arctic tundra. During your call, you can enjoy a range of excursions, suitable for all ages and interests.

We also recommend spending a day slow cruising in the magnificent Isfjord, where a wide variety of landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage sites are on display.

Kayaking in ice Photo Visit Svalbard Jarle Røssland

What to see & do in Spitsbergen

If you are the active type, try dog sledding on wheels, a kayaking trip on the Adventfjord or a hike on the tundra looking for fossils on your way to one of the mountains surrounding Longyearbyen. Another option is joining a RIB safari to explore the hidden gems of the Isfjord with teeming a bird and animal life in front of its many glaciers. Be sure to conclude your stay with a dip in the Adventfjord from the floating sauna.

The attractions in Longyearbyen include art and photo galleries showcasing works by artists who have been inspired by Svalbard to museums conveying the story of 400 years of human activity trough hunting, whaling, scientific expeditions and mining. You may also experience the life of a miner at Coal Mine no. 3 and visit the world’s northernmost brewery at 78o North.

Who is this destination suitable for?

Svalbard Cruise Forum

The Svalbard Cruise Forum was established on the initiative of Visit Svalbard in February 2023 as a collaboration between main local cruise stakeholders, including AECO – the Association of Artic Expedition Cruise Operators.

Svalbard Cruise Forum has logistics, regulations, and local economic impact on the agenda, and works to minimize the strain on the local community, by working to spread the cruise calls and coordinating the logistics around arrivals. The ambition is to increase the local economic impact and to minimize the local environmental footprint through dialogue between the industry, the operators and the local businesses.