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Why Stavanger?

The ships dock in the heart of the city centre where guests can find everything to satisfy their heart’s desires. From cafes, restaurants, museums and shops, everything is within reach. The port is located close to the most popular place to visit, Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), and the Lysefjord. 

Here in Stavanger, a world of exploration awaits, with a multitude of shore excursions that extend from city to the entire surrounding region. 

An array of outdoor activities is on offer such as bike tours, SUP, hiking, and Nordic walking. Stavanger also proudly preserves its rich cultural heritage, featuring well-preserved historic buildings, museums, and a charming old town with cobblestone streets and traditional houses. Moreover, it provides ample time for the guests to take a guided tour and fully experience the city.

What to see & do in Stavanger

Pulpit Rock and Lysefjord. Credit: Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life

The Lysefjord, with its towering cliffs and the famous Pulpit Rock is a must-see for hikers and nature enthusiasts. There are many ways of exploring this magnificent fjord, for the thrill seekers, RIB boat is a very adventurous way of getting there and enjoy the view along the way. For a more leisure type of experience guests can take a boat cruise. And for people who would like to take the full experience of conquering the Pulpit Rock, hiking would be the best option to choose. 

For cruise guests who prefer to explore the city, they can take a guided tour and see The Stavanger Cathedral, The Canning Museum (IDDIS), The Archaeological Museum, Viking House and Norwegian Petroleum Museum, which are just a few of the cultural sites to visit. Gamle Stavanger, a well-preserved, charming old town with wooden houses and cobblestone streets, provides a glimpse into the city’s history. They can also walk down further to the kaleidoscopic streets of Fargegata, have a nice lunch or have a coffee in the charming cafes or have a drink at one of the pubs. Culinary enthusiasts can choose between different cuisines including mid-range to gourmet. Moreover, they can indulge in the local produce of Stavanger particularly fresh seafood, straight from the crystal-clear Norwegian shores. 

A few minutes from the city centre, is the Swords in the Rock, which is a monument commemorating the great viking battle of Hafrsfjord where Norway was united as one kingdom in 872AD. Guests can find their inner Viking and take pictures of the monument with a beautiful backdrop of the Møllebukta. 

Just beyond the city, guests will find more charming spots to explore. Everything from venues located in picturesque places, hotspots for retail shopping, and museums telling stories of farm life in the past and the present.

Swords in Rock. Credit: Visit Region Stavanger.

Who is this destination suitable for?

People from all age groups and all walks of life are welcome to our vibrant city. We have enough activities and attractions to offer that would attract kids, adults, pensioners alike. Foodies, adventure seekers, shoppers, culture lovers and everyone who wants to have a taste of the Norwegian coastal life in the Stavanger region, at the Edge of Norway.