Photo Max Igland


The brand new Ulriken Cable Car, just ten minutes from the centre of
Bergen, provides easy access to a genuine and sustainable Norwegian nature and
food experience.

The Cable Car transports you to the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains, Mount
Ulriken, and is one of the most visited attractions in Bergen, the gateway to the

Ulriken643 re-opened in the spring of 2021 with Norway’s largest gondolas. With
triple capacity on the cable car, and a brand-new restaurant on the mountain
top, we are proud to offer an all-year round operation.
The cable cars will hold up to 50 pax per gondola, and the ride to the top will take
about 4-6 minutes.
From the cable car and the plateau on top, you have amazing views of the
city surrounded by mountains, fjords, lakes and coastal landscapes. At the
top, you can enjoy top quality dining at Skyskraperen, one of the most
renowned restaurants in Bergen. You can have a relaxing experience,
enjoy more adventure activities and hikes, or simply enjoy the views and
mountains with some refreshments and light dining.
We have a beautiful hiking area for short and long walks, including the
sherpa stairs to the top, which were completed in 2019.
One of the most popular hikes in Norway, Vidden, starts at Mount Ulriken
and will lead you over to Mount Fløyen in 4-5 hours.