In the heart of the Sognefjord

Hove Steinkyrkje Photo: Vegard Aasen Veri Media

Why Vik?

Centrally placed in the inner part of the Sognefjord, the historical village of Vik is an excellent starting point for a diversity of excursions. Crossing the beautiful high mountain area Vikafjellet makes Voss and Flåm reachable. This enables several widely recognised attractions like Myrkdalen Resort, Voss Gondola and the Flåm Railway to be offered as excursions from Vik.

With its rich history, the village of Vik also offers a variety of points of interest. In a relaxing atmosphere and scenic surroundings, you can discover local attractions, shops, and cafes within walking distance from the port.

What to see & do in Vik

With rich culture and history, Vik offers guided tours that tell the story of an old shore dweller site. Visit the Hopperstad stave church and the medieval Hove church. Local excursions by bus or boat take you westwards into breathtaking scenery in the Arnafjord or Finnafjord, or eastwards to the World Heritage landscape of the Nærøyfjord. Visit the 26 m high statue of the Norwegian saga hero and Viking Fridtjov the Bold overlooking the Sognefjord. In 1913, the German Emperor Wilhelm II gave the statue as a gift to the Norwegian people in gratitude for the hospitality the Emperor met on his annual summer holidays by the fjords of Norway.
While you are in Vik, why not try the locally produced Gamalost cheese, with roots going back to the Viking Age?

Who is this destination suitable for?

With its variety of excursions and the rich history, the port of Vik is suitable for all markets. Vik has a history as an attractive destination for guests that want to explore and be fascinated by the cultural heritage Vik has to offer. Placed in the Sognefjord surrounded by dramatic and untouched scenery, cascading waterfalls and wildlife, Vik is an attractiv destination to visit.