News from Oslo

Kistefos. Photo: Ola Rindal, OSLO

Lots of news from Oslo this time. Enjoy!

TBS Gallery. Photo: Per Magne Dalen, OSLO 

TBS Gallery 
With its idyllic setting, sculpture garden and the ambience of a working artist’s studio, TBS Gallery is a gallery for all seasons and welcomes visitors throughout the year. Some of the sculptures and paintings are on permanent display, while others are for sale. 

TBS GALLERY is an art centre featuring the work of the sculptor and painter Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik. The gallery, which opened on 19 May 2019, presents a variety of exhibitions and cultural events throughout the spring, summer and autumn.  

TBS Gallery is situated on a property featuring a villa and a former stable, surrounded by a lush sculpture garden. The property is near the Royal Palace in the heart of Frogner, the attractive west-side residential district of Oslo built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From the harbour, TBS Gallery is just a 10-minute walk through the palace gardens. 

The works on show at TBS Gallery include widely exhibited equestrian sculptures in bronze, such as the horse and rider Into the Future, clay sculptures such as Mother and Child, sculptures of the Norwegian kings Olav V and Harald VII and statues of the polar explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. 

Visitors can also see Skjølsvik’s casts of the Nobel Prize winning author Knut Hamsun and Norway’s most famous dramatist and writer, Henrik Ibsen. There are also paintings and sculptures of archetypal Norwegian characters like Sildekona (The Herring Woman). Skjølsvik also has three large horse sculptures at Aker Brygge and at Fillipstadkaia.

Bygdøy museums 
Enjoy the brand-new film about all there is to see on the Bygdøy peninsula. Please feel free to show this on board.

Experience the joys of winter every day at SNØ! Regardless of your level, you can enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in an indoor skiing facility. The resort is located only a short train or car ride from Oslo. 

SNØ includes downhill slopes of varying levels, a ski park with rails and a big jump, a 1 km-long cross-country trail and a beginner’s area where you can play with your children or try out a new sport in a safe environment. You can also put your climbing skills to the test on one of the world’s tallest indoor ice climbing walls, “The Mammoth”. A fabulous light system makes projections above your head of everything from the Northern Lights to disco ball reflections. 

Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies 

The centre engages in research, documentation and educational activities. In addition to the Holocaust, it focuses on other genocides and the situation of minorities in modern society. It is located at Villa Grande on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula. The house was once the opulent home of Vidkun Quisling, whose collaboration with the Nazis during their occupation of Norway from 1940 to 1945 made his name a synonym for ‘traitor’. 

You can explore our permanent Holocaust exhibition and an exhibition about everyday racism in Norway today. The centre also has two art installations and a historic bunker from World War II. On Saturdays and Sundays, we have guided tours of the exhibitions and the bunker. 

The Holocaust Exhibition 
The Holocaust exhibition links the Nazi mass murder during World War II to the ideas proliferating in Europe in the early 20th century such as racism and antisemitism. Nazism represented a vision for a racially pure German community that presupposed the exclusion, discrimination and physical violence against minority groups. The exhibition shows the impact of the murderous Nazi policy on Norwegian Jews and Roma. 

(In)Visible – everyday racism in Norway  
Racism is easy to recognize when it leads to violence and extremism. Contemporary everyday racism, on the other hand, can be difficult to spot, especially for those who are not directly affected by it. This exhibition sheds light on everyday racism in Norway today, as described by those who have experienced it as well as researchers and artists. The exhibition is based on more than 50 interviews with people from different minority backgrounds living in different parts of Norway. 

Welcome on board to our brand-new hop-on hop-off buses! We are the only company operating with biofuel and we have the newest and most environmental buses in Oslo.  Choose the environmentally friendly option, choose Hop On AS! Welcome onboard.   

Kistefos. Photo: Ola Rindal, OSLO 


Kistefos proudly presents the 50th work in the sculpture park; a site-specific work by the French artist Pierre Huyghe (b. 1962, Paris). “Variants” is Huyghe’s largest permanent work to date, as well as the most ambitious Kistefos sculpture park commission to date. 

The work comprises artificial intelligence, 3D-scanned objects, living creatures and organisms, and offers something completely unique in the sculpture park. “Variants” is located on a previously inaccessible island that is often flooded. The location has been chosen specifically by Pierre Huyghe and required significant expansion of the landscape and Kistefos as a whole. 

The National Museum 
Experience older and modern art, contemporary art, architecture and design all under one roof and in completely new ways. 

The new National Museum enables you to experience works from different parts of the museum’s collection under one roof for the first time. The museum boasts almost twice as much exhibition space as the old museum buildings combined. 

Norway’s most extensive collection 

The collection exhibition presents some 6,500 works from Norway’s largest collection of art, architecture and design – from antiquity to the present day. Norwegian art, design and architecture are shown here in an international context. Chronologically arranged, the presentation introduces the distinctive features of Norwegian art up through history, in dialogue with foreign works from the collection. Various parts of the collection interact both within and across historical periods. 

The exhibition halls also offer scope for immersion, relaxation and active learning. This is the place to create your own stories!  

Global Blue Tax Free 
Global Blue Tax Free shopping is a market leading tax refund company which provides you with a tax refund on all purchases over NOK 315 in more than 4,000 stores in Norway. You receive between 12-19% of the VAT back when you leave Norway. Simply look for the Global Blue sign or ask for a tax-free form from any store or souvenir shop. Claim your Tax Refund at Oslo Cruise Terminal or at your last port of exit before your departure from Norway. However, at some ports in Norway, the refund service can only be provided onboard the ship.  

The service is available for all international shoppers residing outside Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Download the SHOP TAX FREE app to simplify your tax-free shopping.  

Nobel Peace Center 
We warmly welcome your guests to the Nobel Peace Center. Located in the heart of Oslo, this is the place to be inspired and learn about the remarkable Nobel Peace Prize laureates.  

Visit the moving Peace Prize Exhibition about the latest Peace Prize laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitrij Muratov, and their courageous fight for freedom of speech. In the exhibition “The Will to change the World”, you can learn more about Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Peace Prize in interactive and engaging ways. On 20 June, a brand-new exhibition opened about Fridtjof Nansen, the polar hero who received the prize 100 years ago for his humanitarian work after World War I.  In “The Nobel Field”, all the laureates are presented on their own screen, surrounded by thousands of small lights. Don’t miss the magical Medal Chamber where you will see a real Nobel Peace Prize medal. Welcome to the Nobel Peace Center! 

The Nordic Bible Museum 
Experience the history of the Bible and the book at the only such museum in the Nordic countries. At NOBIMU you may admire all the first royal folio editions of the Bible from the time when Denmark and Sweden were empires, as well as have the rare privilege of seeing extremely rare first editions of the Bible in indigenous languages such as Sami and Greenlandic.  

The museum has the only permanent display of a page from the famous Gutenberg Bible in Norway, as well as handwritten bible pages from 1250.  

Test out being a medieval scribe, operate a printing press from the time of Gutenberg, marvel at the miniature Bible collection and bring home a unique souvenir from our museum shop. 

The VR museum will be launched this autumn.