News from Rosendal

Photo Stig Helle

The municipality of Kvinnherad (where Rosendal is situated) has adopted a new strategy for cruise calls to the Port of Rosendal.  
Our vision is to be an emission free cruise destination with high value creation. 

The many objectives include: 

  • The maximum number of cruise passengers per ship should be 1,000 per day. 
  • Ships with low- or zero emissions will be preferred. 
  • Ashore, buses with zero emissions should be preferred. 
  • The cruise guests must, to the extent possible, utilise the whole community to minimize pollution in central areas. 
  • The environmental consequences of cruise traffic must be studied. 
  • Rosendal must better facilitate hiking and biking facilities for cruise guests. 
  • Rosendal must develop more land-based offers and tours based on preferences by the target groups. 
  • Establish more public toilets. 
  • Increase the time cruise guests spend ashore. 
  • Increase the number of cruise lines and cruise guests who contribute to local value creation.