The adventure capital of the fjords

View from Mount Aksla. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

Why Ålesund?

The Art Noveau town in Norway

Explore natural and cultural attractions in Ålesund. Ålesund’s art nouveau architecture is known far and wide. The distinctive style with the myriad of turrets, spires and beautiful ornamentation looks like straight out of a fairy tale. The beauty of the town, in combination with the nearby surrounding fjords, fishing villages, island gems and the archipelago framed by majestic mountains, makes Ålesund a unique town to discover.

What to see & do in Ålesund

Seize the moment, an adventure awaits you.

The art nouveau town Ålesund offers an extraordinary combination of culture, history, nature and nature-based activities. Discover the town on a guided walk or by joining a guided kayak tour in the town centre. Visit museums and art galleries in the intimate town centre, shop for local brands or enjoy a meal or local brew in one of the many cosy cafes, bars and restaurants. A visit to the Art Nouveau Museum is a must.
Ålesund is the fisheries capital of Norway and fish is exported from here to all corners of the world. At the Norwegian aquarium and marine science centre, Atlanterhavsparken, you can learn more about local fish and marine life in natural surroundings and big open-air spaces.

Who is this destination suitable for?

Adventures suitable for you

Ålesund offers exciting activities, excursions and scenic tours adapted to all ages and types of travellers whether they prefer cultural experiences, soft adventures or more adrenaline-filled activities.
The cruise terminal is situated in the heart of the town right on the threshold of the beautiful, picturesque art nouveau town.