A colourful pearl on the southwest coast

Inner harbour. Photo: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Why Egersund?

Located on the southwest coast, Egersund is an old traditional fishery town, seemingly small but home to many attractive and unique spots both on land and in the water. Given the amphidromic point, there is no tidal difference along the coast, which explains why there are numerous traditional boathouses in the area. Historical, old wooden houses in different colours surround the town centre where visitors are tempted to visit the chocolate factory, whisky hall and Fayance Museum.

Eigersund municipality extends over parts of Magma Geopark, which has UNESCO global geopark status owing to a unique rock. The rock is extremely rare but is abundant here and on the moon! This wild, rocky moonlike landscape is perfect for activities such as coasteering – exploring the coastline in the water. A 30-minute drive away is Jøssingfjord – a majestic fjord with a museum and via ferrata.

What to see & do in Egersund

Moonlike landscape in a UNESCO Global Geopark
An interactive town walk in the centre is highly recommended. Visitors can experience the historical town using all five senses while immersing themselves in the authentic atmosphere of the old town. The guided tour can include a visit to the Fayence Museum, Berentsens brewery and whisky hall, the chocolate and ice cream factory and a walk up to the viewpoint.

Explore the unique landscape recognised by UNESCO by visiting Magma Geopark locations. Eigerøy lighthouse is a perfect afternoon hike suited for everyone and provides a decent introduction to the geopark. Trollpikken is nature’s own art, a famous rock formation and a popular selfie spot. For those who enjoy combining several different activities, such as cycling, climbing, paddling and swimming, the old Jærbanen railway is ideal.

The idylllic skerries around Eigerøy are perfect for paddling and coasteering, which involves exploring the coastline in a wetsuit.

Who is this destination suitable for?

A variety of localities for different groups  
Egersund has activities and experiences suitable for most groups. Culturally and historically aware guests will find the guided town walks and Second World War sites interesting. Most of the popular Magma Geopark localities are family friendly hikes, which are easily accessible for seniors as well. However, there are also options for those who expect more physical activity and challenges, such as water activities, via ferrata and summit hikes. Most of the tours offered can be arranged as  engaging incentive trips.