A modern city with charming small-town feel

Picturesque Southern coast. Photo: Marianne Pedersen

Why Kristiansand?

Kristiansand is a picturesque bustling city at the edge of the Skagerrak Sea. Founded in 1641, at the order of King Christian IV of Denmark, it was strategically placed, fortified and inhabited characteristic of the Renaissance style. Once a garrison seaport, Kristiansand is renowned for its unique history of seafaring, shipbuilding, timber and fish export. Throwbacks to The Age of Sail are present in historic buildings and its particular architecture. The oldest human discovered in Norway occurred here and Kristiansand is at the forefront of preservation and innovative research. The city is an international cultural destination with parks and public spaces dedicated to artistic expressions. It will soon be the home of one of Europe’s largest single collections of Modern Art. The stunning archipelago, the scenic inlands and a mild climate make Kristiansand one of the most visited cities in Norway.

What to see & do in Kristiansand

Kristiansand offers a unique possibility to immerse oneself in nature and experience the Norwegian favourite pastime of hiking outdoors. Hiking tours are available at the very heart of the city or as part of a shore excursion to nearby town and villages. Charming wooden houses line the coast like a string of pearls and can be admired up close either by land or by sea. Visit an apple orchard, a museum dockyard, a wildlife park or why not experience the Norwegian hospitality at the home of a local family? Sign up for a cooking class, or simply stroll down the vibrant shopping street. Ride along the spectacular North Sea Road or travel on a historic steamboat or vintage train. Combine a sea and shore excursion for a fun an unforgettable scenic visit to Kristiansand and the surrounding area.

Who is this destination suitable for?

Kristiansand is an all-year-round destination and an inclusive city for all ages. The streets and a myriad of forest and seafront pathways are accessible for all. Adventure parks, museums and galleries are family friendly and wheelchair accessible. In the mood for a relaxed outdoor view of the city? Hop on the city train! For the active visitor, Segway tours, SUP boards, rowing boats and bike rentals are available within walking distance. Foodies can indulge in seafood and other local delicacies, and for those with a passion for history, the numerous historic sites are waiting to be explored. The adventure seeker can choose from several RIB excursions, white water rafting and rock climbing options. Why not bring your swimming gear and go for a refreshing dip at the city beach? Welcome to Kristiansand and the southern tip of Norway!