Mo i Rana
Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana

The Arctic Circle town

Arctic Circle Rana. Photo:, Rana

Why Mo i Rana

Discover the new cruise destination of Mo i Rana, which is the closest town to the Arctic Circle. Located in the “middle of Norway”, Mo i Rana has spectacular and varied surroundings, stretching from the beautiful Helgeland Coast, via fjords and mountains all the way to the Swedish border. All of this and much more can be experienced on relatively short excursions from the Port of Mo i Rana at the innermost point of the Ranfjord.

The history of Mo i Rana stretches from its time as a trading post in the old days, via the industrial centre in the ironworks era to the modern mini metropolis it is today. Mo i Rana is surrounded by spectacular landscapes and natural landmarks including the Saltfjellet mountains and Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen.

What to see & do in Mo i Rana

The main attraction near Mo i Rana is the Arctic Circle, which is easily accessible for cruise guests via a one-hour bus trip from the port. The Arctic Circle is a circumpolar line denoting the boundary between the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and the rest of the world. After hearing fascinating stores about the history and culture of this area from the indigenous Sami people, the guests can step over the famous line for a “selfie” before continuing their adventure.

Just north of Mo i Rana is Grønnligrotta, a comprehensive network of limestone caves and tunnels, which is more than 4km long. Sections of the caves are illuminated and accessible to guests wishing to explore the underground world just a short drive from the port.

The Nordland Line railway passes Mo i Rana, creating an exciting excursion for history and railway enthusiasts. The charming town of Mosjøen is just an hour’s train journey away. After wandering along Sjøgata and admiring Northern Norway’s largest collection of 19th century wooden houses, the guests can enjoy lunch at Northern Norway’s oldest hotel before returning to the port. Transport is available by train, bus or a combination.

Guests preferring to check out the town can admire the famous 11 m high “Havmannen” (The Man from the Sea) sculpture, visit the Science Centre, go on an audio tour of the industrial park, admire the old wooden buildings or taste local food at one of the town’s pleasant cafés.

Who is this destination suitable for?

Mo i Rana is a year-round destination, which is ideal for cruise lines wishing to offer their guests a completely new destination close to a legendary international landmark – the Arctic Circle.

The spectacular 40 nautical mile approach to the port is via the scenic Ranfjord. As Mo i Rana is situated some distance from the coast, the port is relatively sheltered, which contributes to making Mo i Rana an exciting and welcoming location year-round.

The Port of Mo i Rana caters for cruise ships ranging from explorer ships to large ships with up to 2,000 passengers. As Mo i Rana has long traditions as an industrial town, there is no shortage of quays. Welcome to the “Town of the Arctic Circle”.