The region of contrasts

Photo Roar Strand

Why Narvik

The Narvik region is situated in one of the narrowest parts of Norway and offers great contrasts in a compact area. Fjords meet mountains so you can ski in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon.

We are in the Arctic region so both winter and summer activities have the advantage of the unique light in the north – the Northern Lights, Arctic light and Midnight Sun.

As a smaller destination, we can offer a wide selection of adventures for the guests throughout the region and, at the same time, accommodate cruise lines facilitating transit calls, overnight stays and turnaround operations.

With our new cruise pier near the town centre, we can take ships up to 350 m long.

What to see & do in Narvik

Welcome to Narvik – We have a story to tell. Located on a peninsula surrounded by fjords and mountains, Narvik is so much more than just beautiful nature!

Narvik is the home of Ofoten railway, the navvies, the famous bears Salt & Pepper, the unique war history, Sami history, midnight golf and friendly locals.

Narvik was the first industrial town in Northern Norway and was given town status in 1902 when the construction of the Ofoten railway was completed. The town centre and unique culture was formed by and is still influenced by Swedish navvies, British engineers and sailors from across the world. In March each year, Norway’s oldest festival – Vinterfestuka (Winter festival week) – takes place here. This week-long event pays homage to the navvies with everyone dressing up in period costume. Narvik is just 45 km from the Swedish border, so guests can visit two countries in one day.

Who is the destination suitable for?

You will be hard pressed to find flat areas or long stretches of open road up here in the north, so we are well suited for active guests wishing to take part in activities like hiking, golfing, water activities, skiing or other winter/summer activities. Narvik is not the oldest of towns, but it is rich in industrial history and is ideal for guests wanting to explore the everyday life of societies the Arctic.