At the center of the Helgeland Coast

Helgeland bridge with Sandnessjøen and the mountain range The Seven Sisters to the right. Photo: Jonas Berglund

Why Sandnessjøen?

Would you like to visit a small town with a rustic romantic and Arctic atmosphere? Maybe you are a nature lover looking for that National Geographic “feel”? Are you interested in history and curious about how the Vikings ruled this town from 900-1100?  Sandnessjøen conveys the story. There is no place more beautiful and refreshing than somewhere with natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Sandnessjøen is a part of an archipelago of an estimated 12,000 islands that is so gorgeous that the locals wrote a folktale about it. (  

Apart from beautiful nature, Sandnessjøen has a rich history spanning from the Viking Age, via the Second World War to the present day.  Learn about Egil’s Saga and discover the romance during power struggle in the Viking Era!

What to see and do in Sandnessjøen

Sandnessjøen is a coastal town with diverse nature including idyllic mountain landscapes and heart-warming sea views. For those who enjoy sightseeing adventures, buses are available to take you to scenic viewpoints to enjoy wonderful views of natural attractions like the stunning Seven Sisters mountain range or the spectacular mountain Dønnamann. 

Island hopping by bike and boat
Local providers offer safaris by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and island-hopping trips. These RIB safaris offer a close-up experience of the marine wildlife and the local and migrating seabirds. We also offer island hopping by bike.

Food and shopping 
Sandnessjøen has a shopping street and restaurants offering Norwegian, Japanese, Italian and other Asian cuisine.
Sandnessjøen has many things to offer, but perhaps the best of all is the experience of living like a north Norwegian.  The Norwegian culture is one of the oldest cultures in Europe, ranging from our food to our customs. Norwegians are known as very patriotic people and, because of this, we are very proud of our culture and will proudly present it to our guests.

Who is this destination suitable for?

As the administrative centre of the region, Sandnessjøen has a fully equipped hospital and advanced technology within industries like fishing, oil and gas, logistics and dairy farming. Sandnessjøen has connections with neighbouring towns and islands, as well as land, air and sea connections with other parts of Helgeland, Norway and overseas destinations.  

Sandnessjøen has a very low crime rate, which makes it a suitable and safe place for families with young children and/or elderly people to visit.

As Sandnessjøen is close to nature, the town is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and amateur and professional photographers looking for interesting subjects to photograph and inspiration that will run deep. The town’s architecture is a combination of traditional, modern-day and contemporary architecture, like our cultural centre and the Peter Dass Museum, which library and museum enthusiasts will love.